What we’re working on

Interested to know what we’re working on? Check out the overview of CDS products below! To learn how we choose our partnerships, read this blog post.

We work iteratively. Products move from an intensive research phase (Discovery) into a prototype and testing phase (Alpha). Mature products move into a public Beta phase, and then to Live.

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In flight products

Find relevant benefits for Veterans

An online tool to make it easier for Veterans and their family members to determine which benefits, programs, and services are relevant to them.


Courtney Claessens (email)

Help Canadians with low income file taxes

Exploring a service to help Canadians with low income receive the benefits and refunds they’re entitled to by making it easier to file their taxes.


Josh Ruihley (email)

Report a cybercrime

Exploring a service that makes it easier for Canadians and businesses to report when they encounter or are victims of a cybercrime and that helps police analyze and investigate reports.


Daniel Tse (email)

Past Products

E-Briefing App

An application to replace internal paper-based briefing binders.


Mario Garneau (email)

EnerGuide API

A public-facing application programming interface (API) to open up access to EnerGuide Home Energy Ratings data in a transparent and reusable way.


Jennifer Fletcher (email)

Guidance on regulatory consultation

Providing guidance on efforts to engage Canadians on regulations by identifying and validating user and business needs, conducting a market analysis of existing digital products, and presenting recommendations concerning procuring a product vs. building and maintaining a custom product.


Ross Ferguson (email)

Impact Canada Challenge Platform

A scalable, reusable platform that creates new opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs to help solve Canada’s biggest challenges.


Ross Ferguson (email)

Reschedule a citizenship test

A service that allows people to reschedule their citizenship test online, moving away from paper-based processes and providing a simpler, easier and faster user experience for citizenship applicants.


Ross Ferguson (email)

Track web security compliance

An online tool to check which government sites and web services are meeting good security practices, such as requiring privacy-protecting Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connections.