The Government of Canada must embrace new methods and tools to improve how it designs, builds, and delivers services.

The Canadian Digital Service (CDS) is bringing together the skills and expertise needed to accelerate this change.

What we do

We are focused on delivery: helping government design and build better services.

We are partnering to...

deliver solutions
build capacity
provide advice

We are agile and iterate based on user feedback. We learn by doing.

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Our team

We are a building a team with diverse skills and backgrounds, and we’re recruiting! Learn more about our team: about the designers, developers, UX researchers, policy hackers, data specialists, and communicators who make up CDS.

Informed by similar initiatives in the U.S. (the U.S. Digital Service/18F) and the United Kingdom (the Government Digital Service), the Government will adopt new ways of serving Canadians. Better use of digital technologies could improve the ways in which businesses can access government services, speed up immigration processing times through better-integrated information, or make it easier for Canadians to access benefits or tax information online.