We are a team of passionate people committed to making it easier to access and use government services. We all bring something different to CDS, whether that’s experiences from inside or outside government.

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Alex MacEachern Director of Strategic Engagement
Andréanne Trudeau Head of Consulting
Chelsea Novak Director of Outreach
Eman El-Fayomi Head of Learning Resources
Jennifer Stephan Head of Internal Operations
Jessie Adcock Chief Executive Officer
John Millons Acting Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director
Josh Ruihley Head of GC Notify and GC Forms
Leanne Labelle Acting Executive Director of Platform
Max Neuvians Head of Internal Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
Melanie Tremblay Executive Assistant to the COO
Michael Karlin Acting Director of Policy
Mithula Naik Head of Client Experience & Acting Head of Growth
Nafissa Hassan Acting Executive Assistant to the CEO
Sage Cram Head of Portfolio Management
Sana Qureshi Acting Director of Talent
Stephanie Gauthier Chief of Staff
Wendy Luciani Executive Director of Partnerships


Amy Morris Design
Anik Brazeau Design
Charlyne Lefebvre-Paillé Design
Dylan Zheng Design
Élise Cossette Design
Emma Wootton Design
Ioana Contu Design
Janice LaGiorgia Design
Nick Makuch Design
Philippe Caron Design
Samantha Sadasivan Design

Design Research

Adrianne Lee Design Research
Hillary Lorimer Design Research
Jeana Frost Design Research


Alvaro Scheid Development
Bryan Robitaille Development
Clément Janin Development
Daine Trinidad Development
Dave Samojlenko Development
Jimmy Royer Development
Melanie Boeckmann Development
Omar Tehsin Development
Peter Thiessen Development
Stephen McMurtry Development
Steve Astels Development
Tim Arney Development

Internal Operations

Kelsey Harris Internal Operations
Vanessa Brazeau Internal Operations

Internal Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Calvin Rodo Internal Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
Dee Nguyen Internal Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
Francois Moisan Internal Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
Wanpeng Yang Internal Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)


Ciara Cronin Outreach
Ella Edache Outreach
Gabriel Kennedy Outreach
Javier Ponce de Leon Outreach
Johanna Button Outreach
Jose Jimenez Outreach
Keenan Wong Outreach
Philippe Tardif Outreach
Victoria Chan Outreach


Blaise Hebert Partnerships
Brock Higgins Partnerships
Gabe Sawhney Partnerships
Jennifer Fletcher Partnerships
Muoyo Popo Partnerships
Priyanka Rahman Partnerships
Vivian Nobrega Partnerships


Caitlin Tom Policy
Dan Monafu Policy
Kaira Bakkestad-Legare Policy
Meghan Hellstern Policy
Nisa Malli Policy
Nourhan Hegazy Policy
Rashi Khilnani Policy
Sam Burton Policy
Sean Boots Policy
Sharly Chan Policy
Tamreen Arif Policy
Victoria Woodworth-Lynas Policy

Product Management

Bryan Willey Product Management
Clementine Hahn Product Management
Mario Garneau Product Management
Stevie-Ray Talbot Product Management
Yael Berger Product Management

Strategic Engagement

Beth Fox Strategic Engagement


Alexa Davidson Talent
Janet Davidson Talent
Jessica Loadenthal Talent
Leah Finkelstein Talent
Lesley Wheldrake Talent
Marika Thibault Talent
Sophie Ngo Talent