We are a team of passionate people committed to making it easier to access and use government services. We all bring something different to CDS, whether that’s experiences from inside or outside government. Interested in joining us? See what positions we're hiring for.

Key contacts

Aaron Snow
Aaron Snow Chief Executive Officer
Alex MacEachern
Alex MacEachern Chief of Staff
Anatole Papadopoulos
Anatole Papadopoulos Chief Operating Officer
Andrea Gilbrook
Andrea Gilbrook Head of Talent
Andréanne Trudeau
Andréanne Trudeau Head of Product Management
Chelsea Novak
Chelsea Novak Head of Outreach
Colin MacArthur
Colin MacArthur Interim Director of Communities
Eman El-Fayomi
Eman El-Fayomi Head of Design
Jennifer Morin
Jennifer Morin Head of Internal Operations
John Millons
John Millons Head of Policy
John O'Brien
John O'Brien Head of Security
Josh Ruihley
Josh Ruihley Senior Technical Advisor
Leanne Labelle
Leanne Labelle Head of Procurement
Mario Garneau
Mario Garneau Delivery Manager - Platform
Mithula Naik
Mithula Naik Interim Head of Design Research
Sage Cram
Sage Cram Head of Partnership Development
Wendy Luciani
Wendy Luciani Director of Partnerships
Wissam Moussa
Wissam Moussa Head of Software Development

The full team

Adrianne Lee
Adrianne Lee Design Research
Alexa Davidson
Alexa Davidson Talent
Anik Brazeau
Anik Brazeau Design
Anne-Marie Mulumba
Anne-Marie Mulumba Design Research
Bethany Dunfield
Bethany Dunfield Development
Brian Hendrick
Brian Hendrick Design
Brock Higgins
Brock Higgins Talent
Bryan Willey
Bryan Willey Product Management
Calvin Rodo
Calvin Rodo Development
Cayce Fischer
Cayce Fischer Design
Charlotte Pedersen
Charlotte Pedersen Outreach
Clementine Hahn
Clementine Hahn Product Management
Courtney Claessens
Courtney Claessens Product Management
Dave Samojlenko
Dave Samojlenko Development
Élise Cossette
Élise Cossette Outreach
Emily Kuret
Emily Kuret Design
Emma Wootton
Emma Wootton Design
Francois Moisan
Francois Moisan Support Technician
Hillary Lorimer
Hillary Lorimer Design Research
Ioana Contu
Ioana Contu Design
Jeana Frost
Jeana Frost Design Research
Jeff Maher
Jeff Maher Development
Jennifer Fletcher
Jennifer Fletcher Partnerships
Jessica Loadenthal
Jessica Loadenthal Talent
Johanna Button
Johanna Button Outreach
John Kenney
John Kenney Policy
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez Outreach
Julianna Rowsell
Julianna Rowsell Accessibility
Kate Wilhelm
Kate Wilhelm Design
Lesley Wheldrake
Lesley Wheldrake Procurement
Lucas Cherkewski
Lucas Cherkewski Policy
Martha Edwards
Martha Edwards Design Research
Max Neuvians
Max Neuvians Development
Mel Banyard
Mel Banyard Design Research
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly Policy
Nick Makuch
Nick Makuch Design | Development
Paul Craig
Paul Craig Development
Philippe Caron
Philippe Caron Design
Philippe Tardif
Philippe Tardif Outreach
Priyanka Rahman
Priyanka Rahman Internal Operations
Samantha Sadasivan
Samantha Sadasivan Design
Sam Burton
Sam Burton Policy
Sana Qureshi
Sana Qureshi Talent
Sean Boots
Sean Boots Policy
Stephane Boisvert
Stephane Boisvert Development
Stephanie Gauthier
Stephanie Gauthier Talent
Stephen McMurtry
Stephen McMurtry Development
Steve Astels
Steve Astels Development
Stevie-Ray Talbot
Stevie-Ray Talbot Product Management
Tim Arney
Tim Arney Development
Victoria Chan
Victoria Chan Outreach
Yael Berger
Yael Berger Outreach