Interested in joining CDS?

Our mission is to build government services that are simple and easy to use. We work with federal departments to focus on users: the millions of Canadians and people around the world who use government services every day. We deploy small, interdisciplinary teams of developers, designers and UX researchers, data scientists, and product managers to work with departments, using agile methods to prototype, build, and deploy digital service solutions. We are building a team of talented, passionate, and driven people who will help make it happen. If you are ready to work on some of Canada’s biggest service delivery opportunities, like improving services for immigrants and veterans, join us for the opportunity to make a real impact for your country.

We're also looking for a CEO for the Canadian Digital Service! We're currently recruiting an experienced and inspiring Chief Executive to lead the CDS team, in executing a bold agenda with a lasting impact. Find out more about the role and how to apply.

The job details

We are hiring in five streams. We have positions available at a variety of levels and durations, depending on the position and need. We are currently hiring in Ottawa, but we plan to eventually have teams or individuals working across the country. This is a rolling campaign, so you can apply any time. We are building a team that is diverse in gender, indigenous heritage, race, disability, age, language, and professional background.

What we're looking for

You are passionate about user experience, and want to create measurable improvements to service delivery.
You love working in interdisciplinary teams and with external partners.
You create structure out of ambiguity, and forge a path in new environments.
You are excited about working in the open to benefit a bigger community, and sharing success and failures.
You are curious, and your humility helps you learn and grow.
You are in love with the problem, not the solution.

Design stream

You have built an extensive portfolio of design experience by working in experience design, interaction design, or user research.
You have a track record of removing complexity from services or products, and you champion simplicity.
You take an approach that is inclusive and accessible from the start.
You are able to sketch and prototype your ideas on paper or in code.
You are great at communicating with people who are not familiar with design, comfortable working directly with clients during the design process, and are excited to work with people on user research and testing.

Developer stream

You have a passion and skill for delivering high quality code, in languages such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, SASS, and you have worked with technologies like NodeJS, Rails, React, Angular, Serverless.
You are comfortable building APIs in a RESTful style or with GraphQL.
You are used to working on an agile team, in sprints, constantly iterating, and are excited about Test-Driven Development.
You may contribute to open source projects and share your work on GitHub or other public code repositories.

Data stream

You have solved wicked problems through your in-depth knowledge and work in data analytics, performance measurement, or data visualization.
You use the tools of your trade easily, such as R, Python, GraphQL, and big data technologies such as Hadoop.
You want to work with your team and clients to connect the right solutions to the unique needs of the projects.
You use data to share insights, tell a story, and help your team and clients make decisions.

Product Manager stream

You have significant leadership experience and a proven track-record of building and delivering high quality digital products or services, including evolving the vision for a product and managing its development from start to finish.
You are equally comfortable working with users, clients, development teams, and senior management.
You can multitask on multiple products while working in an agile environment, and work across the full spectrum of your team to remove roadblocks during the product journey.

How to apply