Here are some of the tools we use as product teams at CDS to help build new solutions to service delivery in Canada. These tools are always being iterated on and are available to everyone inside and outside of government.

A guide to interviewing

A 101 on interviewing.

A guide to usability testing

A 101 on usability testing.

Bundle size tracker

A cloud function that records changes in your bundle size over time.

CDS Product Evaluation Framework

An outline of how CDS evaluates products and how they are delivered.

CDS log driver 🇨🇦

A tool to move logs (console messages) out of developer consoles and into tracking services like StackDriver.

Dependency checker

A continuous integration tool that extracts all javascript packages listed in your package.json files, runs them against the tool available through, scores them, and creates issues in your repo alerting you if scores are too low.

GitHub actions

A repository that tracks all the GitHub actions anyone at CDS creates.

Kubernetes branch reviews

A tool that creates staging applications that reflect the code on a Git branch using an isolated Kubernetes cluster, allowing you to test and review your application in an interactive environment.

Personal identifiable information checking

A tool that checks if an application is anonymizing IPs when submitting information to Google Analytics.

Security goals

A tool that runs automated security and accessibility compliance checks at every deployment for Kubernetes based applications.

Time to interactive tracking

A tool that checks how long an application takes to completely load.