“Digital technologies represent the best opportunities for better services to Canadians. Getting ‘digital’ right means that we get ‘government’ right.”
— The Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board

At the Government of Canada, we serve 36 million people – not to mention those around the world who are moving, visiting, and doing business here. From immigration to health, from taxes to veterans’ benefits, these people expect and deserve services that are easy to use, and centred on their needs. There has never been a better time to affect the lives and work of all of these people.

We are looking for a visionary and inspiring leader with a proven track record to take the delivery of Canadian services to the next level. You will be working with and growing a small and committed team. You will benefit from engaged and proactive support from the Minister and top Public Service executives. You will work alongside experienced colleagues from across government and with outside partners. This is a unique opportunity to lead change for a country. You will make a difference.

About the role

As Chief Executive, you will lead – and continue to build – the recently established Canadian Digital Service (CDS). CDS is an agile and small but mighty team that partners with government departments to improve services, rethinking service design and delivery from the user’s perspective, and engaging users every step of the way. You will also be charged with building community and growing digital capacity across the federal government – and providing advice and guidance that is grounded in your experience and an understanding of what works.

This role reports to the Secretary of the Treasury Board and is a senior executive position. The Treasury Board Secretariat, one of three central agencies of the federal government, wields considerable influence as the standard-setter for the rest of the Public Service and is home to the federal open government team, the federal CIO, and the government’s Service Strategy.

“As former leader of the U.K.’s Government Digital Service, I believe Canada is putting in place the right conditions to succeed. There has never been a more important time for governments to embrace digital. This is Canada’s opportunity, and the world is watching.”                       
— Mike Bracken, Partner, Public.Digital


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Chief executive of CDS. You will lead the team in setting and executing an ambitious agenda, recruiting exceptional talent and building a delivery engine. You will establish mechanisms for monitoring, measuring, and reporting on progress and results.

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Champion for digital transformation in the GC. You will shape the strategic direction for digital transformation and grow the digital capacity needed to advance the mandate.

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Senior advisor to the highest level decision-makers at the Treasury Board and Treasury Board Secretariat. You will provide candid and informed counsel on issues related to the mandate of CDS and broad digital transformation initiatives across the Government of Canada.

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Outspoken evangelist representing CDS and the Government of Canada at internal, intergovernmental, national and international meetings and events related to digital service delivery and transformation.

The ideal candidate

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Engaged leader

You are equally at ease presenting to elected officials at Cabinet meetings as you are whiteboarding with developers. You work across organizational and sectoral boundaries to build partnerships and ecosystems. You are a skilled strategist who can dive deep to understand the details.

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Focused on results

You have a track record of driving digital adoption and improving service delivery in large, complex organizations. You roll up your sleeves and work alongside your team. While you think long-term, you’re focused on delivery.

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Force multiplier

You inspire people to work together for a common cause. You impart knowledge with humility and create capacity for change. You’re able to feed and sustain team energy and enthusiasm over time while maintaining an accelerated tempo.

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Innovative technologist

You know how to leverage technology to enable new business models and transform service delivery. You can speak credibly and effectively to technical audiences, though you’re able to take the complex and make it simple.

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Bold thinker

You have a transformative vision, which you engage others in to help shape and drive. You embrace change, because you can see the risk inherent in the status quo.

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Obsessed with users

You are the voice of the people we serve, passionate about helping teams deliver user-centric products and services. You build with people, rather than for them, leveraging data and real user experiences as guides.

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Life-long learner

You recognize that a learning organization starts with you. You are naturally curious and prefer asking questions to making assumptions. You value mistakes big and small for the opportunity they offer to learn more about what works and what doesn’t.

Apply now

Send us your curriculum vitae (including any pointers to your work) by


The process

Well-qualified candidates will be invited to an initial interview which may be in-person or via videoconference. Exceptional candidates will then be invited to in-person interviews led by the Secretary of the Treasury Board. Travel and accommodations will be provided for candidates traveling from out of town.

We will review applications and schedule interviews with candidates on a rolling basis.

Conditions of employment

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