The Canadian Digital Service is a team of passionate people committed to using our digital skills and knowledge to make it easier to access and use government services.

We are driven by empathy in our approach to discovery and design, and we use proven technologies to get the job done.

To break down challenging problems and build great solutions we need to bring together top talent with diverse skills and perspectives. Our growing team comes from both outside and inside government.

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Key Contacts

Anatole Papadopoulos Executive Director
Lena Trudeau Senior Advisor
Pascale Elvas Director
Ryan Androsoff Deputy Director and Product Lead
Wendy Luciani Partnership Lead

Meet the Full Team

Dave Samojlenko Developer | DevOps
James Mickle Policy | Research
John Millons Policy | Engagement
Mario Garneau Tech | Delivery
Megan Beretta Communications | Community
Meera Makim Cunningham Operations | Staffing
Mike Williamson Developer | Data
Mithula Naik Design | Insights
Nick Makuch Design | Multimedia
Sean Boots Tech | Advice
Shelley Bagg Operations | Administration
Stéphane Tourangeau Communications │ Learning
Stevie-Ray Talbot Policy | Data
Yeremia Djaja User Experience (UX) | Developer