The Canadian Digital Service is focused first and foremost on delivery: building simpler, more usable services directly with federal departments. We learn by doing, and we use this experience to keep our capacity-building and advice work firmly grounded in reality.

Inspired by digital initiatives around the world, we are bringing together digital talent and external and government partners to:

  • Deliver solutions

    We work with federal organizations to design, prototype, and build better digital services. We focus on solving problems using design, agile methods, and proven technologies that put the user at the centre of our work. We take successful digital solutions and help replicate them across government.

  • Build capacity

    We invest in recruitment, learning, and communities of practice to help departments and public servants amplify their skills in areas like user research, design, and data science.

  • Provide advice

    We provide advice to federal organizations grounded in practical experience and global best practices.

We work in the open, sharing what we learn to help make a bigger impact. Housed at the Treasury Board Secretariat, we benefit from line of sight across government and close proximity to the policies and standards needed to drive and scale this transformation.