• Feb 10, 2021
    Emily Kuret, Director - COVID Alert; Jean-François Gagné and Carole Piovesan - COVID Alert Advisory Council
    To know if the COVID Alert service works well, we need to understand if it’s functioning as intended and if it’s having an impact on the pandemic. We can’t fully do that without data. This is why we’re introducing metrics (in a way that still …
  • Feb 4, 2021
    Paul Craig, Development
    Considering how different people will use your service can help you make it better for everyone, which is pretty rad. On the COVID Alert Portal, we recently released ‘recovery codes’ for healthcare workers, and learned some interesting things about …
  • Feb 1, 2021
    Bryan Willey and Clementine Hahn, Product Managers
    After developing a first version of the service and improving the ways it meets people’s needs, we’d like to announce that GC Notify has officially moved from the Alpha to Beta phase, meaning its more stable, reliable and secure than ever before.
  • Jan 11, 2021
    Hillary Lorimer, Design Research
    Government forms have a bad reputation due to the difficulty of distilling complex government processes into an easy to understand set of questions. Designing a form effectively means understanding the goals that it was created to serve. That’s why …
  • Jan 7, 2021
    Martha Edwards and Anne-Marie Mulumba, Design Research
    Two of our design researchers talk about the importance of inclusive research in government. They also share learnings from a CDS community meetup where multiple levels of government got together to talk about advocating for underrepresented users.
  • Dec 2, 2020
    Jeana Frost, Design Research and Brian Hendrick, Service Design
    COVID Alert helps inform people about possible exposures to COVID-19 in order to limit its spread. But in this uncertain time, the question becomes, how do we design for needs that are constantly changing?