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UPDATE on our Request for Proposals

Thank you to all of the bidders that took the time and effort to respond to our Request for Proposals. Since bidding closed we have been working hard to evaluate the bids, but it’s taking us longer than we would have liked. We know you and your teams need to make plans so here’s an update with our best estimates on timelines and a few reminders.


We are evaluating scopes one at a time in this order:

  1. Scope 2, Recruitment
  2. Scope 1, Digital Government Implementation
  3. Scope 3, Targeted Training

Companies that submitted bids for Scope 2 will hear back from us within the next two weeks.

We are currently working through Scope 1 evaluations and aim to have responses for bidders by mid-March.

We aim to have responses for bidders for Scope 3 by mid-April.


For bidders that applied to multiple scopes, please keep in mind that the outcome of one of the scopes will have no impact on the others you applied for.

To do work with the Government of Canada, you need a Canadian Business Number (BN) and a Procurement Business Number (PBN). If you don’t have these numbers already, apply for them right away. For more details on how to do that, see our previous blog post - number 8.

Bidders and their proposed resources will require a valid security clearance to start work in scopes 1 and 2, at minimum at the “reliability status” level. If you are awarded a contract, we will work with you to ensure you have the clearance you need. However, we cannot begin work with you until your company is cleared.

If you have any questions about the above information they should be sent to TBS contracting at